Thursday, September 11, 2008

Waves and the Both of Us - Charlotte Sometimes

There is not much to say about Charlotte Sometimes. (formally known as Jessie Poland.. Cool name I know..)  This album is neither a hit or miss.  It is a complete flop.  I admit when it first came out I was quite addicted to a few or the songs for a quick moment but that faded quickly and I push this album aside like one would a 6 month old Christmas gift. 

Charlotte has a mediocre voice.  If I had to compare it to anything I would say she sounds like that chick from Paramore...if you were to hold her head in a hot bucket of water.  She does have some range by no control.  It's sort of like a senior citizen by the wheel.  You can't stop someone from making music just like you can't take away licenses from people two steps away from a funeral. 

I may sound mean but in all mean comments there is a bit of honesty.  In this case there is a lot of it.  The lyrics are simple and conventional and typically have hidden meaning or were just fill ins.  If I had to say if there was ONE track to check would be 'Losing Sleep'.   By the way, you're not losing or missing out anything if you pass on this album.

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