Thursday, September 11, 2008

Im Reed Fish

This was an alright movie.  I originally decided to netflix this movie  because Schuyler Fisk plays one of the main characters.  FYI..Schuyler is Sissy Spacek's daughter is a singer/songwriter and also actress who I find quite amazing.  It turns out Jay Baruchel is quite the hot piece of ass as well.  This man may not be able to act his way out of a paper bag but we can work on role playing in my bedroom as he bites my pillow!  He's quite fine!

The story line is pretty lame actually.  I loathe the existence of Alexis Bledel and I bless the guys soul who marries this succubus. Her acting sucks, she's a nag and every time I see her I want to kick the screen in the face.

This 'boovie' is basically about a man who is playing the typical romantic movie type deciding who he likes/loves. Crap. Not even crap on a stick.  Now it will take another 3 days for a new movie to come.

p.s  Schyuler was a great actress and she sang two songs in the movie as well.

check her out:

Waves and the Both of Us - Charlotte Sometimes

There is not much to say about Charlotte Sometimes. (formally known as Jessie Poland.. Cool name I know..)  This album is neither a hit or miss.  It is a complete flop.  I admit when it first came out I was quite addicted to a few or the songs for a quick moment but that faded quickly and I push this album aside like one would a 6 month old Christmas gift. 

Charlotte has a mediocre voice.  If I had to compare it to anything I would say she sounds like that chick from Paramore...if you were to hold her head in a hot bucket of water.  She does have some range by no control.  It's sort of like a senior citizen by the wheel.  You can't stop someone from making music just like you can't take away licenses from people two steps away from a funeral. 

I may sound mean but in all mean comments there is a bit of honesty.  In this case there is a lot of it.  The lyrics are simple and conventional and typically have hidden meaning or were just fill ins.  If I had to say if there was ONE track to check would be 'Losing Sleep'.   By the way, you're not losing or missing out anything if you pass on this album.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Delta - Delta Goodrem

Sometimes the music we find by mistake or even open our minds up a to turn out amazing. I am pretty hard to be pleased musically and will fall into a 'pop culture period' (as I'd like to call it) every week for about a month I fall into the demise of our shallow and talentless (for the most part) pop culture.  This is not one of those cases. 

While I was picking up a planner at Barnes and Noble since I am a complete disaster my ears caught the wonderful and powerful singer leaving me distracted so I went over to the music section and discovered Delta Goodrem.

If you are unaware of Delta Goodrem I highly suggest you get on the ball here.  She is the BEST SELLING ARTIST FROM AUSTRALIA OF ALL TIME. A cancer survivor and at 23 years old she has the potential to be one of the greatest if noticed in her US debut, Delta.

Delta's vocals possess the power of Celine Dion and her music is melodically hypnotizing.  Not only does she write her music she plays the piano for all her tracks.  If I can describe her music it would be upbeat power ballads.  This album is not sickening in the least and not covered in hearts of flowers.  The lyrics were well thought out and to hear the emotion in her voice makes her a total package.   She's also a hot piece of ass...for blond woman..

Delta, her US debut is quite a diamond in the rough.  This is not a woman I would suggest passing over. I highly suggest checking out the following songs:  Woman, Brave Face and In this life

Unexpected - Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is known for being in Destiny's Child a group I'd like to better call Beyonce's Child. Since the departure or break of this power women girl group Michelle made a few Gospel albums which did well in that genere.  I knew nothing of those albums due to my lack of interest but found out due to the future release of the outstanding mainstream album, Unexpected. 

This album is due for a release in the month of October and I was welcomed a chance for a listen and could not stop bobbing my head and moving to the infectious beats.  Michelle Williams is not an amazing singer but she can carry a note and have a distinct voice at least on her own. All of the songs on the album are songs you'd hear in a club or bar and you just can't help to move to. 'Hello Heartbreak' will soon hit the gay mecca and she will be in my opinion, one of the next gay divas.

Michelle released her 2nd single this month 'The Greatest' a follow up to 'We Break the Dawn'.  If you did not hear any of these songs I highly suggest you check them out.  'We Break The Dawn' is an upbeat track with great bass and sweet synths.  Then we have 'The Greatest' which is a nice pop ballad about someone being the obvious, the greatest.

Im not into pop/dance music typically.  For me to find this album pretty damn good should mean a lot.  The only complaint which is totally subjective is this album has an intro and about 3 remixes in my opinion is a waste of space on anyones album.  They are not bad but I do not want to hear the same thing over and over especially since I had this album on rotation. 

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Definitely, Maybe

Okay, so this movie was more confusing than my own  love life which is a travesty in itself.  Ryan Renyolds plays a Manhattan advertiser who has a daughter who I find quite annoying in character and actress, Abigail Breslin. I'm sorry.  I do not find her any more amusing than having my wisdom teeth pulled.  Why did I watch this movie then you ask? I was being lazy and refused to get up to change the television. I really need to stock up on batteries.

So in this movie, Ryan goes between three girls for a 1.5  hour length movie which felt like 1.5 years.  Sure, the man is great to look at but when he is playing a sappy man proposing to women with horse teeth you'd rather watch him in something more amusing and stupid like that movie with Anna Farris,  Just Friends.  The second amusing thing in this movie was the subversive and quirky character April who had her own views and standards in the early 90's in which this movie is set.  The only good thing about the 90's was the music and skip-its.

Should you watch it?  If you're as lazy I am I would spare the torture and run to Walgreens to pick up some batteries so this mishap does not happen to you.  If you love sappy love movies and the discovery or 'true love' then sure you'd probably buy it too. In all honesty I would skip it.  There is nothing original or anything remotely funny in this movie besides the fact the actors can act.  

The Station Agent

 To be completely honest I first decided to rent this movie because a dwarf was in it.  Not only was there a dwarf in this movie he was an angry dwarf!  Now my sheer amusement of dwarfs comes from a warm and tender place.  I am near dwarfism myself!   Standing at a mere 5'4 and 25 years old I can relate to the fella in this movie!

Finn, (the dwarf) just recently lost his best friend and was left a little station which he sets home in.  He meets Joe who sells food on his fathers truck who likes to gab more than any girl I know.  Then you have the divorced artist to tie into the story (like every other indie movie) and how she is coping with here issues.  The story line is pretty bland and boring at times and tends to drag near the middle of the movie not to mention Finn's fascination with trains just bores me to tears.  This is a story about three rejects on the road to self discovery as they help each other along the way.

Should you watch this?  Sure.  It was amusing for the most part.  Finn's height and sarcasm made me continue watching.  This movie is funny and original as this picture states above.  But 'A breath of fresh air'?  It was surely not mine.