Thursday, September 11, 2008

Im Reed Fish

This was an alright movie.  I originally decided to netflix this movie  because Schuyler Fisk plays one of the main characters.  FYI..Schuyler is Sissy Spacek's daughter is a singer/songwriter and also actress who I find quite amazing.  It turns out Jay Baruchel is quite the hot piece of ass as well.  This man may not be able to act his way out of a paper bag but we can work on role playing in my bedroom as he bites my pillow!  He's quite fine!

The story line is pretty lame actually.  I loathe the existence of Alexis Bledel and I bless the guys soul who marries this succubus. Her acting sucks, she's a nag and every time I see her I want to kick the screen in the face.

This 'boovie' is basically about a man who is playing the typical romantic movie type deciding who he likes/loves. Crap. Not even crap on a stick.  Now it will take another 3 days for a new movie to come.

p.s  Schyuler was a great actress and she sang two songs in the movie as well.

check her out:

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