Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Delta - Delta Goodrem

Sometimes the music we find by mistake or even open our minds up a to turn out amazing. I am pretty hard to be pleased musically and will fall into a 'pop culture period' (as I'd like to call it) every week for about a month I fall into the demise of our shallow and talentless (for the most part) pop culture.  This is not one of those cases. 

While I was picking up a planner at Barnes and Noble since I am a complete disaster my ears caught the wonderful and powerful singer leaving me distracted so I went over to the music section and discovered Delta Goodrem.

If you are unaware of Delta Goodrem I highly suggest you get on the ball here.  She is the BEST SELLING ARTIST FROM AUSTRALIA OF ALL TIME. A cancer survivor and at 23 years old she has the potential to be one of the greatest if noticed in her US debut, Delta.

Delta's vocals possess the power of Celine Dion and her music is melodically hypnotizing.  Not only does she write her music she plays the piano for all her tracks.  If I can describe her music it would be upbeat power ballads.  This album is not sickening in the least and not covered in hearts of flowers.  The lyrics were well thought out and to hear the emotion in her voice makes her a total package.   She's also a hot piece of ass...for blond woman..

Delta, her US debut is quite a diamond in the rough.  This is not a woman I would suggest passing over. I highly suggest checking out the following songs:  Woman, Brave Face and In this life

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