Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Station Agent

 To be completely honest I first decided to rent this movie because a dwarf was in it.  Not only was there a dwarf in this movie he was an angry dwarf!  Now my sheer amusement of dwarfs comes from a warm and tender place.  I am near dwarfism myself!   Standing at a mere 5'4 and 25 years old I can relate to the fella in this movie!

Finn, (the dwarf) just recently lost his best friend and was left a little station which he sets home in.  He meets Joe who sells food on his fathers truck who likes to gab more than any girl I know.  Then you have the divorced artist to tie into the story (like every other indie movie) and how she is coping with here issues.  The story line is pretty bland and boring at times and tends to drag near the middle of the movie not to mention Finn's fascination with trains just bores me to tears.  This is a story about three rejects on the road to self discovery as they help each other along the way.

Should you watch this?  Sure.  It was amusing for the most part.  Finn's height and sarcasm made me continue watching.  This movie is funny and original as this picture states above.  But 'A breath of fresh air'?  It was surely not mine.

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