Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Unexpected - Michelle Williams

Michelle Williams is known for being in Destiny's Child a group I'd like to better call Beyonce's Child. Since the departure or break of this power women girl group Michelle made a few Gospel albums which did well in that genere.  I knew nothing of those albums due to my lack of interest but found out due to the future release of the outstanding mainstream album, Unexpected. 

This album is due for a release in the month of October and I was welcomed a chance for a listen and could not stop bobbing my head and moving to the infectious beats.  Michelle Williams is not an amazing singer but she can carry a note and have a distinct voice at least on her own. All of the songs on the album are songs you'd hear in a club or bar and you just can't help to move to. 'Hello Heartbreak' will soon hit the gay mecca and she will be in my opinion, one of the next gay divas.

Michelle released her 2nd single this month 'The Greatest' a follow up to 'We Break the Dawn'.  If you did not hear any of these songs I highly suggest you check them out.  'We Break The Dawn' is an upbeat track with great bass and sweet synths.  Then we have 'The Greatest' which is a nice pop ballad about someone being the obvious, the greatest.

Im not into pop/dance music typically.  For me to find this album pretty damn good should mean a lot.  The only complaint which is totally subjective is this album has an intro and about 3 remixes in my opinion is a waste of space on anyones album.  They are not bad but I do not want to hear the same thing over and over especially since I had this album on rotation. 

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Shaun Industry said...

Good for her! I was under the impression that Beyonce murdered the other two girls in Destiny's Child and ate them to absorb their combined powers. Learn something new every day...